Screaming Channels: SeCIF Project covered in ''Le Monde''

November 30, 2018

Le Monde article (in French): “Les très indiscrètes puces des objets connectés”

Screaming Channels is a project that investigates long-distance side-channel attacks on radio signals emitted by mixed-signal chips pioneered by Prof Aurélien Francillon’s group at EURECOM. Prof Francillon’s group is part of the SeCIF project. Their results will be presented at the BlackHat USA 2018 conference, as well as at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), Toronto, Canada.

Screaming Channels Project Website

Preprint conference paper: “Screaming Channels: When Electromagnetic Side Channels Meet Radio Transceivers”

(Photo from cited article: Quentin Hugon / LE MONDE)