Research & Dissemination


  • Ongoing: regular biweekly video conferences to discuss progress and to collaborate on topics of mutual interest in communications and machine learning

    • Participants: Dr Christoph Hellings and Michael Koller (TUM), Dr Paul de Kerret and Harald Bayerlein (EURECOM)
    • Current focus on new approaches for coding in point-to-point MIMO scenarios
    • Last meeting: 31.01.2019
    • Next meeting: 22.02.2019

  • Visit by Dr Christoph Hellings and Michael Koller from Prof Utschick’s group at TUM to Prof Gesbert’s group at EURECOM (October 2018)

  • Visit by Prof Mari Kobayashi (TUM/Centrale Supélec) to EURECOM (September 2018)

  • Visit by Julian Kirsch from the Chair for IT Security at TUM to Prof Francillon’s group at EURECOM (Spring 2017)