Welcome to the website of project SeCIF (Secured Communications for Industry of the Future). SeCIF is funded by the French-German Academy towards the Industry of the Future (or Industry 4.0). The Academy is promoted by the Institut Mines Telecom (IMT) on the french side and by TUM on the German side to foster new research and education platforms able to tackle the ICT-related challenges posed by the industry of the future. The SeCIF project itself features collaborative research by three research groups at TUM and two groups at EURECOM around efficient and secure communications with an emphasis on industrial IoT.

Third TUM-EURECOM Workshop on Secure Communications

published on July 2, 2018

Update: Workshop program available on the LNT homepage The 3rd TUM-EURECOM Workshop will take place on July 12 2018 in Munich. Bringing together researchers from the areas of security and communications engineering, the purpose of the workshop will be to exchange ideas and to explore topics for collaboration relevant to the SeCIF project. Talks will be given by project members from both institutions with a focus on machine learning tools that can be used to solve research challenges in security as well as communications.

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2019 European School of Information Theory announced

published on June 21, 2018

The 19th edition of the European School of Information Theory (ESIT) will take place on April 15-19, 2019, at EURECOM, in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The school is the major European event sponsored by the IEEE Information Theory Society and plays a key role in bringing together doctoral candidates from all over Europe to interact and exchange on topics related to Information Theory, thus training the next generation of European information theorists. The school features high-quality tutorials, and all students are invited to present their ongoing work to get feedback and ideas from the community.

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Second TUM-EURECOM Workshop on Communications and Machine Learning

published on May 15, 2018

The 2nd TUM-EURECOM Workshop takes place on May 16-17 2018 in Munich. Researchers from Prof Gesbert’s group at EURECOM will be exchanging ideas on communications and machine learning with SeCIF project members from the reserach groups of Prof Kramer and Prof Utschick at TUM. Planned presentations and talks include: “Joint Sensing and Communications in UAV Networks” - Prof Mari Kobayashi (TUM) “Learning the MMSE Channel Estimator and Compressed Measurements” - Michael Koller (TUM) Slides

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First TUM-EURECOM Workshop on Communications and Security

published on December 11, 2017

The 1st TUM-EURECOM Workshop on Communications and Security takes place on December 14-15 2017. The group of Prof Kramer (Rana Ali Amjad), Prof Utschick (Dr Michael Joham), and Prof Gesbert (Dr Paul de Kerret) are jointly organizing this workshop in the context of the joint French-German Academy project SeCIF. See details here © Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH - Shutterstock.com

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